Radio Control Airplanes
Other members revel in housing construction and not all types of airplanes, propellers, ducted fan, electric and glow using the most modern technologies of construction, is electronic and aviation.

Aircraft flight bound circular
Some of our members are keen to combat extreme bound with this type of model. Others are engaged in international competitions with aerobatic planes bound.

Radio Control Helicopters
Another branch of interest are these wonderful models built and flown by helicopter from our members on a quiet flight from playing the most extreme 3D.

Much more challenging is the field of dynamic model of reproduction on a scale where there are no model kits but there is just a great individual skill and patience in assembly and construction of each piece.

Various models
Some socio tired of just flying to the camp, takes delight in splendid reproductions of motorcycles, cars, SUVs and anything else you can move on the ground.

The branch of interest of our Club

Competitions and Events
The club organizes competitions and demonstrations of F2d on their airfield at national and international

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This site was created by a common more people who share the same passion for the dynamic model radio controlled, open air and human companionship and good technique.

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