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On this page you can find all information pertaining to the Club, the location of the home to that of the airfield, the statutes, the regulation of the airfield, and many other news.

Next meetings



 Friday, January 24, 2020
on second call at 21.00 hours at the headquarters, in via Don Carlo Borghi 4. BARLASSINA
Renewal registrations in 2020
Any other business

We hope many of you will come!


Our new charter

Like all organizations, our Club has given a statute found by clicking here.

Fields Flight Rules
Like any self-respecting flying clubs, for the safety of persons, the pilots and our beautiful model aircraft, the CAB has dictated the rules to benefit from the airfield and behavioral norms to be observed strictly. Each member must read these guidelines and know him in all its parts.
Regulation airfield of Lissone.

Where is our home
And here is the address of our headquarters viewed directly by clicking here.
Audiometry Certification
Our airfield is one of the few to have obtained a certification audiometric vision requires explicitly the President of the Club to the appropriate email address

Our runway and location
Here's to the side, as our airfields, seen by satellite or from above. The coordinates provided by the service Google maps expressed in Degrees, Minutes to Decimal  Lissone:
Lat:    45.637251

Long:  9.238845

Flight Safety Guide
Straight from FIAM a useful guide dedicated to flight safety and the relevant behavior on the airfield. Classificatory fields, areas, and more empowered. Each model aircraft pilot should read this guide and learn the main points for his and others' safety. Click here.

What time is on our airfield?

Click here and find out.

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Our hystory. Click here.

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